Bridge Demolition - Death of the Queen

Infrared image of eastern approach at Si

Big day starts with demolition over the
View of arches under the Sixth street br

Sixth street bridge looking east

Lifting the arch 4am at 6th Street bridg

Demo of 6th Street bridge over the LA Ri

Aerial view of 6th St. bridge deck surfa

Night view cutting the arches with torch

Aerial drone view over 101 freeway of de

6th Street bridge demolition seen from 7

Looking up thru where the deck was at 6t

Forlorn colonnadge, east side, Sixth str

Like dinosaur bones, 6th street bridge a

Center pylon wreckage at Sixth Street br

1/2 of 6th street bridge has been demoli

Night shot of demo over the 101 freeway

Aerial drone image of deck removal over
Xray view of structural support members

Access tunnel west bank of Sixth Street

Opposing view of the access tunnel at 6t

Lonely columns stand alone at Sixth stre

Fallen column on east bank of the Sixth

Aerial drone photo looking west from eas

Entire portion of Sixth street bridge re

Fallen arches of the Sixth Street viaduc

6th Street bridge center pylon wreckage